Thanks to all those who saved gardening seeds

Thank you everyone who was involved in our first Seed Exchange (Swap) that took place March 7 at the Polo Public Library.

A fun morning was experienced by all who attended. A big “thank you” to the Polo Public Library and the U of I Extension office for coordinating and securing two Master Gardener/Naturalists to be present. Their knowledge and experience was very helpful to club members as well as the community.

Seed Exchanges welcome new and experienced gardeners. Saving and swapping seeds has many benefits: financial, preservation of heirloom varieties, exchange of knowledge and experience, promotion of self sufficiency, biodiversity, and food security.

We plan on making this a yearly event. If you have heirloom flowers or vegetables, save your seeds this fall in a cool, dry, dark environment.

We will publish a “Save the Date” for our 2021 event this fall. If you can, get out there in the dirt and plant a few seeds and enjoy the beauty and delicious fruits of your labor.

Nothing tastes better than homegrown fruits and vegetables.

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