Freeport Salvation Army campaign running short

FREEPORT – The Freeport Salvation Army is running about $50,000 short to meet its budgeted operating amount, and is seeking donations and volunteers to gather them.

"We are at a critical junction of this year's campaign. December 24th is the last day the red kettles will be out for collections," said Freeport Salvation Army Capt. Jim Brickman.

Of just more than 2,500 volunteer hours, 264 are not yet spoken for. Volunteers can go to registertoring.com to sign up to ring a bell; even volunteering 2 hours will help, Brickman said.

Donations can be made with iPay or Google Pay at all red kettles, and checks can be sent to 106 W. Exchange St.

Go to migration.salvationarmy.org/freeport or call 815-235-7639 for more information.

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