Whoville was all abuzz with green in Lanark

Green eggs and Grinchmas pancakes were on the menu

The hair was high, the eggs were green, and the big green guy was in true Christmas mode at Lanark’s “Breakfast with The Grinch” on Saturday, Dec. 14.

For $2 a meal, kids munched on a buffet of Green Eggs and Ham, Grinchmas Pancakes, Whoville Pastries, and Cindy Lou Who Fruit Cups, along with milk or apple juice and coffee for parents.

Ten-year-old Nyla Cross of Lanark didn’t waste anytime munching down her heavily decorated green Grinchmas pancake.

“It’s good,” she said in between bites.

Servers, comprised of Eastland FFA and student council members, dressed in Whoville attire, including the extreme bee hive hair, seen in the popular Dr. Seuss book, animated short, and live-action movie.

“This is a lot of hairspray and a water bottle,” said Eastand FFA Advisor Cindy Feltmeyer, pointing to her high hair while making sure everything was running as planned in Whoville.

Eastland FFA member, Mate Paisley, wore a Grinch onesie while she served green scrambled eggs alongside Grinchmas pancake server, Kendall Preston.

Diners could watch the Grinch movie on the TV or color after eating their Whoville creations.

But it was Deacon Borota, 3, of Lanark, who went right to the big green guy to discuss his Christmas plans.

“He’s been talking to him a lot,”said Deacon’s mom.

Deacon even offered the Grinch two of his candy canes, which the man with the heart two sizes too small politely refused.

The Transformers Team served 180 kids in two seatings during the morning event at the Heritage Center in downtown Lanark.

“This is the first year we’ve tried this,” said one of the Whoville kitchen workers.

For more information about the Transformer Team, meal LanarkTransformers@gmail.com or visit the Celebrate Lanark Facebook page, or call Rosemary at 815-493-6366.