ENF says bird species count drops

APPLE RIVER – Eagle Nature Foundation Executive Director Terrence Ingram saw 42 different species of birds May 11 during the foundation’s spring Big Bird Day bird count.

Ingram said in a news release that 4 years ago, he saw 54 different species.

Only one swallow, one warbler, and two hawks were seen. A flock of 27 brown pelicans were observed.

One individual bird of each of the following species was seen – wood duck, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, northern harrier, barred owl, common flicker, yellow bellied sapsucker, barn swallow, house wren, catbird, brown thrasher, common grackle, prothonotary warbler, indigo bunting, pine siskin, white throated sparrow and song sparrow.

The bird count serves as a fundraiser for foundation programs, and to document declining bird numbers. Call Ingram at 815–594-2306 for more information.

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