Midwestern BioAg Milledgeville fertilizer facility hits the ground running

Company promotes safe applications and healthy soil

MILLEDGEVILLE – As planned, Midwestern BioAg’s new fertilizer blending and distribution facility in Milledgeville is online, just in time for spring planting. The northwestern Illinois plant will provide fertilizers and soil amendments to hundreds of thousands of farmland acres. 

“We’re excited to work with more Illinois growers,” said Ben Adolph, Midwestern BioAg CCA and Milledgeville native. “Our Milledgeville plant puts us in the backyard of some of the best-performing farms in the country. We’re excited to help area farmers chase yields, increase profits and improve soil health.”

Midwestern BioAg CEO Tony Michaels said the company’s products have a 30-year track record of success.

“Every aspect of our program promotes soil health, is gentle on roots and soil microbes, and optimizes plant growth, resiliency and quality,” Michaels said.

Jason Wynkoop, operations manager in Milledgeville, said, “Midwestern BioAg’s products are designed to increase production this season, while building soil health for future seasons. We’re all about good, healthy soil biology that makes the soil work for the grower. Fertilizer blends offered here will be customized to Illinois farmland needs.”

Wynkoop said one way Midwestern BioAg gauges long-term success when working with growers is measuring the increase of soil organic matter. The company has a collection of before-and-after soil samples, showing significant increases in SOM, which enhances the productive potential of the landscape.

“As we focus on healthy soils and soil life, the microbes cycle the nutrients,” Wnykoop said. “This keeps the nutrients where they belong – in the soil, plants and food. It also keeps them out of the waterways, and reduced nutrient runoff may become a bigger issue here. We like getting ahead of any potential regulations.”

“Illinois farmland is unique,” Adolph said. “Our fertilizers are blended with high-quality nutrients in amounts customized for local soils. We’ll also offer premixed liquid fertilizers exclusively at the Milledgeville facility.” 

Wynkoop said Midwestern BioAg is the only company that he knows of that treats its fertilizer on the outbound side.

“It’s treated and conditioned with soy oil for dust control,” he said. “When the grower gets our product, it spreads nice and doesn’t get blown, because that’s dollar signs blowing away with the wind. You get a nice spread pattern, just like you planned for. This sets us apart.”

“When it comes to spring planting, timing is everything,” Adolph said. “Our new location enables us to get Illinois growers the products they need, when they need them.”

With headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, the company has core facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio, reaching farmers in 29 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

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