Savanna City Council hires a new police officer

The Savanna City Council voted unanimously March 12 to hire Randy Craft as a full-time police officer.

Craft, who served as Chief of Police in Chadwick previously as well as working for the Lanark Police Department for 17 years, was slated to start work on March 18 at a pay rate of $21.86 per hour, due to his extensive experience.

Savanna Police Chief Kevin Dimmick said Craft will be a “good asset to our department” and that he “would gladly welcome to him”.

This still leaves one open slot on the Savanna force, Dimmick said.

In other personnel news, the council voted to approve a pay rate of $23.50 an hour for Britany Hatteberg, who is transitioning into the Treasurer/Comptroller position with the upcoming retirement of Sheryl Sipe, who currently holds the job.

This pay rate will take place in May of this year, with no further increases in rate until the 2020/2021 budget review.

The council also agreed to allow Public Works Superintendent John Lindeman to begin advertising for a replacement for longtime waste water treatment facility foreman, Tim Schoenig, who will be retiring this summer.

The council also:

• Approved transferring $5,000 from the Hotel/Motel Committee to the City Fund to finance the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks. Finance Committee Chairman Christine Lee said that without this traditional transfer, it would be difficult to find the necessary money to fund this event, and that the Finance Committee did recommend the move.

• Accepted a bid from Law Excavating, Inc. to do the demolition work on the following properties: 1025 Chicago Avenue, 1035 Chicago Avenue, and 300 Webster Street.A fourth property at 715 Bowen Street that was bid upon will be put on hold due to ongoing negotiations with the property owner, who has indicated his desire for more time in order to remediate the issues associated with that structure.

The total bid amount for all three structures was $18,310.00, with the bid for 715 Bowen St. coming in at $27,300 (not counting asbestos removal).

• Approved the following requests for funds from the Public Works Department: a sewer jetter nozzle, two chlorinators, a chlorine booster pump, drinking water test meters, and a pipe locator, at a combined cost of $15,000.00. These were all budgeted items.

• Lindeman announced that tree removal has begun along Wacker Road, in anticipation of the start of the Wacker Road project.