Foundation seeks help to monitor bald eagles

The Eagle Nature Foundation is seeking help from area residents to monitor bald eagles in the area. Photo supplied
The Eagle Nature Foundation is seeking help from area residents to monitor bald eagles in the area. Photo supplied

APPLE RIVER — A group devoted to preserving the bald eagle in the Midwest is asking for help from residents living in the region.

According to a press release from the The Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF), the bald eagle in the Midwest continues its downward decline and help is needed—the sooner the better.

The release states that 30 years ago more than 450 bald eagles could be seen in a single day before Christmas flying south over Eagle Valley Nature Preserve and Cassville, Wisconsin.

“Both this year and last year during a trip past Eagle Valley and Cassville, Terrence Ingram and his wife did not see a single migrating bald eagle in the area.,” states the release. “We need to learn why the bald eagle population in the Midwest is either, not reproducing well, or why the immatures are not surviving.”

Ingram, who is the president/executive director of the ENF,has written two books — “The Plight of the Bald Eagle” and “Silent Fall”, to alert the public to the present decline of the bald eagle population in the Midwest.

A request to the US Fish & Wildlife Service to place the bald eagle back on the Endangered Species List that would have enabled USFWS employees to monitor the bald eagles nesting in their own areas, has been refused.

“Every American has a stake in the future of the bald eagle, and if the government is not going to study the bird, someone else has to do it,” the press release states. “As in the past, ENF is the first organization to step forward to provide this needed help.”

A core of hundreds of volunteers are needed to join the ENF’s research team and monitor at least one bald eagle nest near their home or work for the next nesting season.

“Every person who joins ENF and volunteers to monitor a nest will become a member of ENF’s research team and will be so honored,” the release states. “Even if you cannot monitor a bald eagle nest, you can still help the bald eagle with your donations. Any size donation will help, both large and small. All donations are needed.”

For more information about the Eagle Nature Foundation, located in Apple River, call 815-594-2306 or visit

About the Eagle Nature Foundation

The Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd. (ENF) is an international non-profit environmental preservation organization formed in 1995 to pick up the ball that had been dropped by the Eagle Foundation’s demise in 1988.

The foundation conducts a variety of exciting programs to save our national symbol and other endangered species from extinction, and to increase public awareness of unique, endangered plants and animals.

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