Volleyball program for West Carroll Middle Schoolers coming to end

MOUNT CARROLL – The woman who has been operating a volleyball program for West Carroll fifth- and sixth-graders for the past 5 years will be dissolving the group, the school board learned during its meeting Dec. 21.

The organization was not sponsored by the school district. After unsuccessfully seeking a replacement leader, Shelley decided to end the program. Equipment she purchased – including 30 volley lights, two portable ball baskets, a travel bag and cart, three nets and 45 uniform tops – will be donated to the school district to use in sports and physical education classes.

In a letter shared with the board by Middle School Principal Julie Katzenberger, Shelley thanked the district and school for its support of the program.

Board President Jerry Anderson thanked Shelley for her dedication and efforts.

Katzenberger announced two upcoming dates of note for the Middle School:

The Carroll County Health Department will be visiting fifth-graders Jan. 24 to discuss personal hygiene and other health issues.

The Illinois Youth Survey will be held Jan. 26 in conjunction with the Carroll County Substance Education Coalition.

The board during its meeting also approved the 2017 tax levy, after having a Truth in Taxation hearing that lasted less than a minute because there were no public comments or questions.

The district’s EAV is up about 1.9 percent over last year, to about $117 million. That change won’t be reflected significantly on West Carroll residents’ annual property tax bill, Brumbaugh said – perhaps $10 on a $100,000 home.

Admnistrative reports

High School Principal Jeff Utsinger noted that the school has seven Illinois state scholars. Caleb Lichtenberger made the Shriner’s State All-Star football game, as defensive back. He also said that all sophomores will be heading to the Jo Carroll CTE Academy on Jan. 8 to educate themselves on the programs available at the facility.

Utsinger also said there has been discussion about lowering the graduation requirement of 4 years of math to 3 years. He said freshman, sophomore and junior level math would be unchanged, “but in the senior year, instead of creating classes and/or watering down level classes, where kids may not have a passion for that fourth year, they can take that ag class that we created last year that they couldn’t get in, and/or other electives that maybe they would be more suited for.”

Closed session items

After a closed session, the board:

• Approved the resignations of Adam Brumbaugh, superintendent, effective June 30; Sheri Blake, end of 2019-2020 school year; Lauri Biederman, effective Dec. 31; and Thaddeus O’Malley, effective Dec. 25.

• Approved the certified hiring of Heather Tessendorf as the high school APEX facilitator for Spanish.

• Approved the non-certified hirings of Jessica Rubio as head building secretary of the Primary School, effective Feb. 7; Kristin Samuelson at building secretary of the Primary School, effective Jan. 24; and Brecken Albrecht, as an instructional aide, starting Jan. 4.

• Approved the coaching recommendation for Matt Leitzen as high school boys basketball volunteer coach for this season.

• Approved a fourth personal day for Rochelle Herbst.

• Approved leave without pay for Lora Murphy (half days on Nov. 21 and Dec. 4, and a full day on Dec. 5), Kathy VanBrocklin (Jan. 4-5) and Ruby Johnson (Dec. 6-7 and Jan. 8 and 16).

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