Carroll County Farm Bureau At a Glance: Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

Well, we got our puppy.

It has been not even a week, and Maggie is completely spoiled. So far, she is quite content curling up on her blanket by the desk here at the office. For the first few weeks, she is coming with me each day to avoid being crated all day.

These very dry conditions, along with warm weather, make a person nervous about combine fires. While we all worry about the price and expense of the machinery, personal safety is more important. It is pertinent for farmers to keep the combine clean. I know it is hard to take the time to deal with it, but a quick pressure washer spray can make the difference to get rid of the dust and some caked-on residue. Blowing the leaves, chaff and plant material off the head can also make a big difference. Also, for those times when all precautions don’t matter, be sure your fire extinguisher is up-to-date and ready to use.

Have you gotten, or have you heard of anyone receiving, letters from the Illinois Department of Revenue regarding equipment purchases for the farm? The Illinois Department of Revenue has sent audit notices to a number of our members related to sales tax audits of some implement dealers. The audits are focusing on purchases made claiming the Illinois agricultural sales tax exemption. The audit notices from IDOR are typically looking at purchases of specific equipment where IDOR is wanting to verify whether the equipment that is being used qualifies for the exemption. Equipment purchases for the farm do not always qualify. The rules are complex, but the basic premise is that equipment must be essential to the production of a crop or essential to the propagation of livestock, and must be primarily used for that purpose. In the audit notice, IDOR asks the purchaser of the equipment a number of questions about how the equipment is being used. IDOR can go back as far as 6 years in looking at equipment purchases.

I have heard there are solar leases being proposed to landowners in the county. If you are approached and have questions, give our office a call. I can get you some general information on what you need to know and what your attorney will want to be sure to review, know, or ask.

Illinois Farm Bureau and John Deere are excited to announce a new partnership which will give Farm Bureau members special access to the John Deere’s Green Fleet Loyalty Rewards program, providing members with a free 2-year Platinum 2 membership.

This is a new membership discount. Along with valuable equipment discounts, GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards Platinum members are eligible for special parts savings, Home & Workshop Products discounts, and other members-only promotions.

Normally, a customer must initially purchase two pieces of qualifying equipment within 12 months to reach Platinum status. Farm Bureau members will automatically qualify by signing up through JohnDeere.com/FarmBureau for these benefits:

• Equipment Discounts: Savings on everything from mowers to tractos to Gator Utility Vehicles purchased at your authorized John Deere dealer.

• Special Parts Savings: Money-saving parts coupons and offers to help keep your equipment at its best.

• Home and Workshop Product Discounts: A 10 percent discount off MSRP on eligible John Deere tools and workshop equipment – air compressors, generators, pressure washers and more.

• Exclusive Member Promotions: New exclusive offers and promotions delivered to your inbox – along with insider tips and great ideas for enhancing your equipment experience.

Farm Bureau members in participating states are eligible. To participate, Farm Bureau members can visit their state Farm Bureau website or JohnDeere.com/FarmBureau.

Once the registration is complete, the member will receive their GreenFleet member number and can instantly access program benefits. Members can simply purchase online at JohnDeere.com/BuyOnline or by visiting a local John Deere dealer.

Chastity Welch is manager of the Carroll County Farm Bureau.

To find out more about GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards, visit JohnDeere.com/GreenFleet.

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