Carroll County Board approves resolutions recognizing 4-H, Domestic Violence Awareness Month

MOUNT CARROLL – The Carroll County Board during Thursday’s meeting recognized both National 4-H Week and Domestic Violence Awareness Month with proclamations.

Extension Educator Martha Ebbesmeier addressed board members, thanking them for their continued support.

“4-H is a worthy program, which seeks to provide a learning experience for the whole child, by providing youth a greater sense of belonging, more independence, enhanced generosity, and mastery of a skill in an area of their choosing,” Ebbesmeier said. “4-H has a proud heritage whose alumni serve as positive role models in our nation, and we thank the County Board for recognizing Oct. 1-7 as National 4-H Week.”

The board approved the resolution by voice vote.

Riverview Center Crisis Services Coordinator Shawna Bauer spoke to the board on behalf of the center.

“The problem of domestic violence affects all citizens of Carroll County, crossing all racial, social, religious, ethnic, geographic, and economic groups,” Bauer said.

She said Riverview Center provided nearly 1,000 hours of direct services to 84 adult survivors and their children, often supplying orders of protection and maintaining hotline connections to victims in Thomson, Savanna, Milledgeville, Shannon, Lanark, Chadwick and all areas within Carroll County.

“In recognition of the impact domestic violence has on the well being of our communities, I invite you all to proclaim October 2017 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” Bauer said.

She also asked that the board and its constituents further recognize the month by wearing purple or a purple ribbon on Oct. 19, in recognition of those who have been affected by domestic violence.

“Citizens should take this opportunity to educate themselves about the impact of domestic violence and to become familiar with resources and programs available,” Bauer said. “This month, let us remember the victims of domestic violence, celebrate the survivors, and work together to eliminate violence from our community.”

Board Chairman Kevin Reibel thanked Bauer and Riverview Center for their dedication.

“Any proclamations that come to us from Riverview Center certainly deserve our support,” Reibel said.

The board approved the proclamation by unanimous voice vote.

OHV trail discussed

County Engineer Kevin Vandendooren presented a number of letters and a document supporting and outlining the Off Highway Vehicle Trail project that were sent to the offices of State Rep. Tony McCombie, R-Savanna.

“I’m not for or against this proposed trail, but as it moves along I have a couple of concerns,” Carroll County Sheriff Jeff Doran said. “I recently spoke with the sheriff of Ogle County, and they are involved in a lawsuit because an ATV that wrecked on one of the county roads. The other thing is the speed limit; that concerns me, because you’ve got a 35 mph speed limit where it’s been 55 forever, and the residents that live on that should have some input.”

Doran also voiced his concerns about the trail creating more calls to the sheriff’s office.

Reibel acknowledged the speed limit issue as a sticking point and suggested the board approve a letter to McCombie and set up future dates and places for public hearings. Board member Paul Hartman moved to forward a letter to McCombie and begin arranging dates for public hearings. The board approved Hartman’s motion by voice vote.

Budget update
The board heard and approved budget issues presented by the 911, Senior Services, Treasurer, Sheriff, and the County Administrator offices. Further budget discussions will be heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting, and the board is on schedule to approve its final FY2018 budget by Nov.1.

The next regularly scheduled Carroll County Board meeting is at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 19 in the small courtroom in the County Courthouse.

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