Carroll County Farm Bureau At a Glance: Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017

As I sit here and type this week’s column, I am quite thankful for the quietness of a Monday morning at the office. For what seems like quite a while, I have a lot to type. This past weekend was more than exhausting, but it was also a great weekend for Farm Bureau events here in Carroll County.

Friday was kicked off with a farm tour for Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. We were approached about a week prior to the tour asking if we would like to host the congresswoman and her staff for a farm tour. Of course we would! Our board knows how very important it is to keep in contact with our legislators and keep them updated on agriculture. We toured Lower Farms in Lanark, where Rep. Bustos was able to learn more about hog operations. Following the tour, we hosted her and her staff for a lunch, where topics like the next Farm Bill were discussed. A big thank you to Chris, Mark, and Jon Lower and their families for allowing us to tour their farm. Also to Char White, the lady in charge of the hogs! She did a great job explaining all the ins and outs.

Sunday finished off the weekend with the Young Leaders sponsored Farm to Fork. What a great evening! What a lot of work! We have a great group of Young Leaders and their wives. In fact, most of the credit does need to be given to the wives who took this program under their wing and ran with it! I have wanted to do a harvest meal or farm to fork event for sometime but wasn’t sure where to start. Luckily, Augusta Witt has experience working with the one in Madison, Wisconsin, and was able to lead the group in the right direction.

Tickets had been sold for the event for the past couple months. We kicked off the event at Livengood Barn. Once everyone gathered, we used hay racks and people movers to transport the group to Livengood Beef. The event included a tour of Ed and Kali’s beef operation. Ed spoke to the group about his farm and how he raises his cattle. The group was then transported back to the barn, where we had a great meal using local ingredients prepared. During the meal, the attendees were able to listen to our local producers speak on their farming operation and how they raise their commodity. Lots of questions were asked and answered.

A huge thank you goes out to all the sponsors, in no particular order as I am just typing trying to remember all of them. Thank you: Livengood Barn, Livengood Beef, Neumiller Farms, Torkelson Cheese, Witt Family, Custom Catering & BBQ, Silver Moon Winery, Generations Brewery, Special Touch, Carroll County Livestock Producers, Torkelson Cheese, and Blarney Stone Popcorn. Thank you to our speakers: Chris Flikkema for mc’ing the event, Jon Lower, Doug Block, Dan Lamoreux, and Matt Floming. A big thank you also goes to the FFA members who were able to assist us with serving the guests along with clearing tables. Our steering committee of Augusta Witt, Anna Flikkema, Casey Flikkema and Ellen Rahn did an excellent job planning the event, along with decorating and making sure everything was in line! We will be meeting shortly to review and start thinking about next year!

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