Sports Highlights for Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017

Three Rivers Conference Football Schedules

Rock Division

Morrison Mustangs

Head Coach: Cory Bielema

2016 Record: 3-6

Classification Enrollment: 280

Aug. 25 – vs. Sherrard

Sept. 1 – at Spring Valley Hall

Sept. 8 – at Kewanee

Sept. 15 – vs. Sterling Newman

Sept. 22 – vs. Fulton

Sept. 29 – at Port Byron Riverdale

Oct. 6 – at Orion

Oct. 13 – vs. Rockridge

Oct. 20 – vs. Bureau Valley

Sterling Newman Comets

Head Coach: Mike Papoccia

2016 Record: 11-1

Classification Enrollment: 381.15

Aug. 25 – at Kewanee

Sept. 2 – vs. Princeton

Sept. 8 – at Orion

Sept. 15 – at Morrison

Sept. 23 – vs. Rockridge

Sept. 29 – vs. Bureau Valley

Oct. 6 – at Spring Valley Hall

Oct. 13 – vs. Fulton

Oct. 20 – at Port Byron Riverdale

Fulton Steamers

Head Coach: Pat Lower

2016 Record: 9-3

Classification Enrollment: 296

Aug. 25 – at Peru St. Bede

Sept. 1 – vs. Monmouth-Roseville

Sept. 8 – at Bureau Valley

Sept. 15 – vs. Rockridge

Sept. 22 – at Morrison

Sept. 29 – vs. Orion

Oct. 6 – vs. Port Byron Riverdale at Clinton Lumberking Stadium in Clinton, Iowa

Oct. 13 – at Sterling Newman

Oct. 20 – vs. Erie/Prophetstown

Bureau Valley Storm

Head Coach: Joe Schmitt

2016 Record: 6-4

2017 Classification Enrollment: 331

Aug. 25 – at Erie/Prophetstown

Sept. 1 – vs. Peru St. Bede

Sept. 8 – vs. Fulton

Sept. 15 – at Monmouth-Roseville

Sept. 22 – vs. Port Byron Riverdale

Sept. 29 – at Sterling Newman

Oct. 6 – vs. Rockridge

Oct. 13 – vs. Orion

Oct. 20 – at Morrison

Orion Chargers

Head Coach: Chip Filler

2016 Record: 6-4

2017 Classification Enrollment: 344

Aug. 25 – vs. Spring Valley Hall

Sept. 1 – at Sherrard

Sept. 8 – vs. Sterling Newman

Sept. 15 – at Port Byron Riverdale

Sept. 22 – vs. Princeton

Sept. 29 – at Fulton

Oct. 6 – vs. Morrison

Oct. 13 – at Bureau Valley

Oct. 20 – at Rockridge

Port Byron Riverdale Rams

Head Coach: Guy Dierikx

2016 Record: 2-7

2017 Classification Enrollment: 326

Aug. 25 – at Princeton

Sept. 1 – vs. Kewanee

Sept. 8 – at Rockridge

Sept. 15 – vs. Orion

Sept. 22 – at Bureau Valley

Sept. 29 – vs. Morrison

Oct. 6 – vs. Fulton at Clinton Lumberking Stadium

Oct. 13 – at Sherrard

Oct. 20 – vs. Sterling Newman

Rockridge Rockets

Head Coach: Sam Graves

2016 Record: 6-3

2017 Classification Enrollment: 367

Aug. 25 – at Monmouth-Roseville

Sept. 1 – vs. Erie/Prophetstown

Sept. 8 – vs. Port Byron Riverdale

Sept. 15 – at Fulton

Sept. 23 – at Sterling Newman

Sept. 29 – vs. Peru St. Bede

Oct. 6 – at Bureau Valley

Oct. 13 – at Morrison

Oct. 20 – vs. Orion

Next Week: Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference – West Division & Northern Illinois NIC-10

Preseason Football Preview

Fulton Steamers

Head coach Patrick Lower leads the Steamers in his 11th season. Fulton finished the 2016 season with a 9-3 record, 5-0 in the Three Rivers conference, and they were Rock Division champs and 2A playoffs quarterfinalists. Key returning players include: Bryce Grant, senior QB/DB; Austin Rash, senior FB/LB; Austin Schroeder, senior RB/DB; Ethan Fish, senior OL/DL; Erik North, senior OL/LB; Brody Mason, senior OL/LB; Nate Wierema, senior OL/DL; Tyler Bruggenwirth, senior TE/LB; Nate McLuckie, senior WR/DB; Zach Simmons, senior OL/DL; and Jesse Singh, senior WR/DB. Key newcomers are: Eli Pannell, junior OL/DL; Kyle Schipper, junior WR/LB; Max Lemke, junior QB/DB; Larsen Barnett, junior WR/LB; Anthony Miller, junior WR/DB; Nick McQuistion, junior RB/LB; Tyler Fleetwood, senior RB/LB; Taylor Fleetwood, senior OL/DL; Andrew Knudsen, senior WR/DB; and Jonathan Green, junior WR/DB. Team strengths? “I believe our greatest strength this year will be our senior leadership,” Lower said. “We have a number of seniors that got significant time last season and even played a lot during their sophomore year as well.” Team weaknesses? “A weakness that we have is probably the same weakness that most schools have, and that is a lack of overall depth at many positions. The biggest key for us this season is we must stay healthy.” Who will be the other area teams to beat this season? “I believe that each team on our schedule will present unique and challenging obstacles for us as a team. Our goal every year remains the same. We want to be a fully prepared team that will be able to compete with anyone on our schedule.” Lower finished with, “The 2017 version of the Fulton Steamers will strive each and every day to improve and become a formidable opponent for every team on our schedule. We understand that we must be ready for everyone on our schedule.”

Preseason Volleyball Preview

River Ridge Lady Wildcats

Head coach Corey Albrecht and assistant coach Meagan Miller lead a team that finished the 2016 season with an overall record of 15-11-5, 7-6 in the NUIC. Key returning players are senior left side hitter Paige Christopher, senior libero Brittany Brown, junior left side hitter Breya Christopher, junior middle hitter Tabria Thomas and junior setter Reese Miller. Team strengths? “Their ability to adapt to new challenging situations,” Albrecht said. “We also have everyone returning from last year.” Team challenges? “We are going to try a 6-2 this year. Last year we ran a 5-1.” Other area teams to beat? “Galena, Stockton, Eastland, and Le-Win.”

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