Letter: Alert system available to Thomson residents

On Wednesday, July 26, the Village of Thomson incurred a water outage while relocating a fire hydrant. Although some property owners had been notified in advance, additional properties were unexpectedly affected as well, due to unforeseen circumstances. Immediately, the public works department began efforts to notify property owners, and Village Clerk Jennie Foltz and Trustee Char Daehler posted the information on the village website, Facebook, and notified local radio and television stations. I would like to thank them, as well as Public Works Superintendent Jeff Ashby, Supervisor Jeff Balk, and Hunter LaShelle for their efforts to notify those affected and restore water service as quickly as possible.

The Village of Thomson will also post important notifications regarding public works and public safety via the Thomson Fire Protection District’s Emergency Notification System. We encourage anyone within the TFPD boundaries to sign up for this free service to receive alerts via text, email or phone call. Please visit the village website at thomsonil.com and sign up using the link available on the home page under “Helpful Information.” If you or family members do not have access to a computer, you may call the TFPD’s Point of Contact, Eric Smith, at 618-447-2046 for assistance.

IDOT contractors and engineers began reconstruction of the curbs, ramps and crosswalks along state Route 84 on July 20. This project is expected to be completed in mid-September. Please exercise patience and vigilance as you drive, walk, or cycle in these areas, to ensure the safety of all concerned.

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