Letter: Leadership change needed in 89th District

Ann Williams
Ann Williams

Many of our elected leaders in Springfield have risen above party differences to stop the budget chaos that has deeply hurt Illinois. Many, but not all.

The current representative of the 89th District voted against putting a state budget into place – and I can’t figure out why he would deliberately vote to sustain harm to the good people of our state, except to be a yes-man to Gov. Rauner.

Luckily, reasonable heads prevailed, and the budget passed. Even GOP legislators overrode the governor’s veto because it didn’t make sense.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to make sense.

As a Democratic candidate for state representative in the 89th District, I am making promises to the good people of our six-county district.

I promise to show up for the job and hold regular office hours with portable offices across the district.

I promise to respond to people who call my office for help or information, not just with an automated form letter or only to those who are in my political party.

I promise to have a 100 percent voting record in Springfield.

I promise to find ways for the 89th District to survive the state’s realities.

I promise to work hard with the people of the district to be innovative, looking to untapped resources, and doing the unexpected that has a meaningful win for every town.

Take a look at what your current state representative has done for you in the past few years, including voting records and tangible wins for the 89th District. You might be surprised. I was amazed.

It’s time for a change. We can’t afford the same ineffective people in office. We must educate ourselves about those who are running for every office, make decisions about who we want to represent us, and we must vote in every election.

Let’s work together, moving forward.

Note to readers: Ann Williams of Galena is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for 89th District state representative in the March 20, 2018, primary. The 89th District includes all of Jo Daviess and Stephenson counties and parts of Winnebago, Carroll, Ogle and Whiteside counties.

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