Letters to the Editor

Volunteer to help CASA, kids

The dictionary defines volunteer as: A person who does something by free choice usually with no payment expected or given. 

I feel that is too simplistic of a definition. I feel that a volunteer should be defined as: A local hero who puts others above and before themselves, a selfless individual who tirelessly works to make the world around them better.

As a nonprofit organization, the volunteers for Carroll, Lee, Ogle CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) exemplify my definition every day. These individuals work hard to be a voice for neglected and abused children who have been placed into care. That voice becomes the one constant these children have while their worlds are turned upside down.

Please consider becoming a volunteer for CASA. After a short training period, you will be assigned a case in which you will monitor a child, becoming the eyes and ears for the presiding judge so they have a clear picture of what is going on in that child’s life as it pertains to the court case.

Check us out: There is a lot of good information on our website, casaleecarroll.com as well as our Facebook page CASA-Carroll Lee Ogle. Thank you.

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