Savanna council approves annual water, user rate hikes

SAVANNA – The Savanna City Council on April 12 approved two ordinances amending the current water usage rates for residents.

Minimum quarterly charges (residential, industrial and commercial) will increase from $2.33 to $2.40 per 1,000 gallons. The minimum quarterly charge for residential will go from $23.30 to $24; the minimum monthly charge for industrial will increase from $93.20 to $96; and the minimum quarterly charge for commercial will increase from $46.60 to $48.

The minimum flat rate charge for water usage will go from $167.88, to $185.40 per quarter.

These changes reflect the annual 3 percent rate increase that is customary for the city. Water/Sewer/Refuse/Streets and Alleys Committee Chairman Bill Robinson said they are necessary due to continuing increases in supplies and other cost increases.

Grant close-out reviewed

Community Funding and Planning’s Jill Pepin summarized the city’s close-out of the Community Development Block Grant Program during the opening public hearing.  

Highlights included:

• The city was awarded a $200,000 emergency PI CDBG grant, with a 2-year contract, and an end date of March 31, 2017. This grant was for construction costs associated with the new wastewater treatment facility and the in-system sanitary sewer improvements project.

• Williams Brothers Construction was awarded the construction contract, after submitting a bid of $8,640,000; $188,000 of the grant went toward construction.

• The construction is ongoing; total cost is estimated at $12,938,000, with estimated engineering and project administration costs at $1,576,500. The scheduled completion date is December 2017.

Financial action

The council approved loan and grant disbursements for the waste water treatment plant and in-system projects. Invoices were from Williams Brothers Construction for $435,810.01 and $1,200, from MSA Professional Service for $31,410.95, and from Fischer Excavating for $114,288.18, for a total of $583,701.14.

Street, wastewater
plant project updates

Jared Fluhr from MSA Engineering reported that in recent meetings with Brandt Construction, final paperwork for closeout of the street repair project had been prepared, and the council approved a related Certificate of Substantial Completion.It also approved a change order for a contract increase of $78,024.25 and a final payment for $105,952.19.

Fluhr also updated the council on the wastewater treatment plant and in-system sewer projects, noting that Williams Brothers had installed a roof and poured a concrete floor for the new head works building. Other work is progressing well, including lift station work and piping.

The council also approved a work change for about $37,000, related to various additional work items, including electrical and storm sewer improvement and cleaning.

Police chief

Savanna Police Chief Michael Moon was given an Honorable Mention by the BNSF Railway Police Department for recognition of his and his department’s efforts in assisting in multiple felony arrests and recovery of stolen property. According to the official letter signed by Chief Special Agent Jeffrey J. Savage and special agent in charge, Charles T. Dimmick, Moon’s department issued several search warrants after a month-long investigation into stolen merchandise from BNSF railcars. “Four suspects were identified and taken into custody without incident”, it stated, and “thousands of dollars in merchandise were recovered during the execution of the search warrants.”

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