Road map to better water taking shape in Shannon

SHANNON – The destination is known – now, it’s a matter of clarifying the map.

Shannon Village Board members, village staff, and engineers from Fehr-Graham & Associates met Jan. 31 to discuss progress on designing a new well and treatment facility for Shannon’s water supply.

Two of the village’s wells contain levels of radium which exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards. Over time, exposure to radium can increase the risk of cancer.

The board voted in December to approve a contract with Fehr-Graham to design the new building and treatment equipment. The village must meet USEPA standards by September 2018.

During the Jan. 31 meeting, the board decided to direct Fehr-Graham to dig a fifth well to a depth of 700 feet, as well as construct a new treatment facility.

The engineers also are looking at a four-part water main upgrade project to follow the new well and treatment facility. Parts of the upgrade would include completing a water loop at Arch Street, upgrading the main trunk line in front of Eastland Elementary School, and work on loops on East Division and North Ridge streets.

Darin Stykel, a senior engineering technician with Fehr Graham, said, “Basically, we’re almost doubling our gallons per minute to over 50 percent of the village.”

Bids don’t have to be let until June. Stykel said the exact cost will depend on what class of treatment equipment the station will require.

The standard maximum contaminant level for radium isotopes 226 and 228 is 5.0 picocuries per liter. On Nov. 29, Shannon’s well number 4 tested at 6.7 pCi/L,while well 1 and 2 tested at 7.5 pCi/L.

Visit epa.illinois.gov or call Adam Holder, village engineer, at 815-235-7643, or Jason DeMichele, public works director, at 815-541-5540 for more information.

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