Voting assistance available for disabled and elderly

MOUNT CARROLL — Disabled and elderly voters in Carroll County can take advantage of the many aids and provisions for assistance when voting at the upcoming Nov. 8 general election, said Carroll County Clerk Brian Woessner.

“All Carroll County citizens who are not registered voters may register on line at election.state.il.us and mail the form to our office,” Woessner said. “Also, there are many deputy voter registrars throughout the county.”

For voters convenience, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon Oct. 8, the County Clerk’s office at the Carroll County Courthouse will be open for voter registration. The last day for voter registration is Oct. 11. Call the Carroll County Clerk’s office at 815-244-0221 or email at ccclerk1@carroll-county.net for more information on voter registration. 

Woessner said voters may vote by mail, and it is not necessary to give a reason.  

“They need merely contact this office to request an application. After filing the application, the ballot will be mailed to the voter at home, or wherever he or she may be at the time, along with complete instructions for voting and returning the voted ballot,” Woessner said. 

Vote by mail starts Sept. 29, and will end Nov. 3. Grace period voting begins Oct. 12 and runs through Nov. 8. 

Early voting is also available at the courthouse in Mount Carroll, beginning Sept. 29, through Nov. 7. 

“Since there are various options in regards to voting, please contact the office to see which option is best suited for you,” he said. 

“Also on Election Day, if requested in advance, the judges of election are permitted to deliver a ballot to any voter who cannot get into the polling place. These judges may deliver the ballot to the voter at the point at which he or she is unable to continue toward the polling place as long as this point is within 50 feet of the polling place entrance,” Woessner said.  

Any voter who desires to have the ballot delivered must first file an application with the County Clerk’s office prior to Election Day. He said that all polling places in the Carroll County are handicapped accessible.  

“I urge everyone to take advantage of their right to vote at this very important election, and feel free to request assistance from the election judges on Election Day,” Woessner said.  

For further information on elections, voter registration, and the available assistance to elderly and disabled voters, visit the Carroll County Clerk’s office at the Carroll County Courthouse, 301 N. Main St. in Mount Carroll, or call the office at 815-244-0221. Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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